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My name is Colm and my page and project grew out of my love of history throughout my years in education. Albeit, my earlier interests were based on Irish History and a general world history. Those areas of interest still remain, in particular the British Monarchy, the House of Tudor and the Middle Ages in Europe.  

 It was not till my 20s that I became absorbed by the Roman Empire. My spark was ignited by a book by Adrian Goldsworthy, Caesar: Life of a Colossus. This was when I got my first opportunity to go to university as a mature student. At Trinity College Dublin I studied classics for my undergraduate and masters. It was during the Covid 19 lockdown which led me to start my Rome Is The Light Instagram page and it has been quite popular. I have been able to share my passion and love of the Roman Empire with many people across the world. Which has in turn led me to start my own Twitch Streaming Page in order to reach out to a newer audience, while also allowing my current followers to have a more accessible way of interacting with me. I hope to further my education with a Ph.D when it becomes available to me.

My speciality within the Roman Empire is the later part of the Western Roman Empire, around the years of 235-476. Although, I would consider myself very knowledgeable about the life of Rome after the fall of the city to the Ostrogoths and its reclaiming by the Eastern Roman Empire. My other two special topics would be The Tetrarchy and the Siege of Constantinople 1453.


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